Monday, May 5, 2014

Saturday Afternoon: Adam Marques by Keith Ingram

'Adam was my last photo shoot using 35mm film, as well as my first shoot using a digital SLR The black & white images were quite possibly the last rolls of b/w film I ever shot! Adam was so much fun to photograph. It's too bad that our paths never crossed again since that wonderful afternoon, but I guess that's why I do what I do - preserving those magic moments.'

'As I was going through my archives, cataloging my favorite images for my upcoming book project, i came across these great shots of model Adam Marques from a few years back. As I usually work with newbie models, it's always great to see when some of them move on to more high-profile commercial work. Such was the case with Adam, who, after moving to L.A. a few months after our shoot, quickly made a name for himself in the adult industry, working with some pretty well-known photographers and studios.'

When I first profiled photographer Keith Ingram last summer, the San Francisco artist described himself as a Weekend Warrior.  Never drawn to the high pressure and highly competitive world of commercial photography, Keith enjoys relaxing, laid back weekend afternoon shoots without creative restrictions and the time pressures of editorial deadlines.

Since that first piece featuring Keith's work with Tom, I have been wanting to share more of his work on FH.  After some communication back and forth about what shoot to feature, I was thrilled with Keith's final choice.  It was of course a weekend, a rainy Saturday afternoon in fact, when Keith met up with model Adam Marques to shoot the images featured here .

'Adam was really down-to-earth, mellow, and eager to get naked.'

Adam arrived at Keith's studio, dropped off by his family, straight from the airport.  Keith reports Adam relaxed from the get go and one of the few models he has worked with who preferred not to have music playing during the shoot. Adam was more than happy just to talk, joke around and be present in the moment. Adam's relaxed attitude helps make Keith's images beautifully natural and his magnificent blue eyes lure you, tempt you and draw you erotically in with their undeniable magnetic force.

'The first thing you notice about Adam when you meet him are those amazingly expressive eyes! He's got big blue saucer eyes, and classically handsome features that are a joy to photograph. He wasn't as gym-toned as he wanted to be for our shoot, and was a little self-conscious about it, but I didn't mind at all. His natural, "everyday guy" look fits my style of portraiture perfectly. I love these photos because they're candid and spontaneous. The lad knew how to pose, and he was in constant motion and full of ideas.'


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Freeballing is fun!

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Keith also photographed Jesse T.