Monday, May 5, 2014

Kudos to Andrew Garfield

I have always liked actor Andrew Garfield, but his recent media appearances have had me salivating for another look at the blue and red tight in wearing crime fighter in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I liked, but didn't love, Spider-Man 1. Watching Garfield however, along with co-star and girlfriend Emma Stone, the past few weeks on shows ranging from The Graham Norton Show through Saturday Night Live has done the trick.

Press tours don't usually have much effect on me, actors usually tow the company line, even with a dud, but Garfield's charms are undeniable, even more potent in person, than on the big screen. SNL is usually hit and miss for me, but Garfield's turn as host, in particular his Timberlake impression and his 'smooch' with Coldplay's Chris Martin were solid and enjoyable.

With Chris Martin on SNL


Steve said...

Not to be a stickler for details but... Spider-Man is NOT a "caped crusader". Superman and Batman are "caped crusaders" because they wear capes as part of their costume. Spider-Man does not wear a cape and should not be referred to in this manner. Sorry, but I'm just sayin'.

TyeBriggs said...

Thanks Steve


Bobby F. said...

I have been an Andrew Garfield fan ever since he stole my heart in THE SOCIAL NETWORK.
Then, there is this--that explains his new haircut!

Bobby F. said...

And Andrew is always naked under the Spidey suit. He admitted it on Ellen's show.

Anonymous said...

He's adorable. Just wish he would do movies I actually want to watch.