Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spencer Neville: Room Service

Watched a few episodes of Days Of Our Lives over my holiday break and I may just have to put it back on the DVR. The Will & Sonny storyline, once a show draw, had gotten so bogged down by bad writing and an annoying re-cast, they became almost unbearable to watch. Chandler Massey may have gotten lazy prior to his leaving, but the power and emotion displayed during the coming out portion of Will's journey makes what the character has become even harder to swallow.

I have no idea why the show continues with the Will re-cast with an actor with such distracting facial expressions and shockingly poor acting skills, but they have. Freddie Smith was wonderful supporting Massey's Will, but as the focus of the couple's storyline, he doesn't have the depth, nor the ability to gather the energy required to sustain the story.

Thankfully they have at least now added some worthy filler, and some hottness, to the storyline with Christopher Sean and Spencer Neville. Former Silver model Neville has only been seen with his bell hop suit on thus far, but hopefully soon his character Derrick will bring something other than food to one of the rooms he services. Neville is so darned appealing, and Sean acts circles around the main couple that his character supports. These two new additions are not so much making the main more tolerable but instead making them even less significant than they were before. Keep these two as a couple and then send Sonny, and especially Will, off into the sunset until new actors can be found!

3 images of Spencer above from Rick Day


Anonymous said...

Days was on fire last week! I'm hoping for many screen caps from last week on here because there was just so much screen cap worthiness. I totally agree with you about Christopher and Spencer. They have ignited something interesting into the show that I'm enjoying.


oleconquistador said...

Christ. There are so many beautiful men out there in the TV universe.

Bobby F. said...

Spencer is awesome...and humble. A refreshing actor to spice up a storyline that has gone bland...and Guy Wilson is not helping matters at all.