Sunday, January 11, 2015

Messing With Momentum

Although American Horror Story remains one of my favorite hours of television, I hate when Ryan Murphy and the writers mess with momentum. This season has been moving along at a brisker pace than previous seasons, but again this week, Murphy showed that despite a solid concept, he usually wings the last half of each season. I know I am one of the few people on the planet who is not a fan of Neil Patrick Harris, but like last season's Stevie Nicks fiasco, why does Murphy put his show on hold in order to showcase guest stars who only bog down, and take us away from the characters and plots we care about. Last season Nick's, and her music, were weaved in as a brilliant part of Lily Rabe's character. But.. when they actually brought on Nick's, the episode was a mess.

Ryan Murphy similarly brought Harris in last week in an episode written primarily to showcase Harris and his love of magic. Clearly not originally intended to be part of the season, the guest appearance was played out on twitter and was more of a stroke to the actor's ego, than planned part of the season. The problem I have is at what cost? Would the twins have lost their virginity to Jimmy? Would Dandy found another way back to the freak show? Stories written around Murphy's guest star whims always feel out of place and always has me wishing I would have stopped watching a little earlier.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the latest episode of American Horror Story yet because I dislike Neil Patrick Harris so much and I'm going to have to force myself to watch this episode as if it was a needed doctor's appointment I have to attend. I absolutely hate random guest stars on my favorite shows.