Friday, October 30, 2015

Hatchet Job: DirtRoad by Noplacia Photography

'Help me! Help! Help, Mommy! Help! Help, Mommy! Mommy, help!'
Jason Voorhees

In general, I don't think axes and penises should be mixed too closely together. Too many things could go horribly wrong. Yet... the very first time I profiled the work of Seattle model DirtRoad, (To the Woodshed) he was also wielding an axe.

That's not to say all of Warren Russell's (DirtRoad) work has a sinister feel. When I first featured his work with photographer Gary Larson from Noplacia Photography this past August, Gary shot Warren hanging leisurely on some train tracks and in a beautiful field of yellow flowers. I love Gary's work with Warren and as soon as I saw these images a few months ago contacted Gary about using them on Halloween week.

I love the stark simplicity of Gary's set-up, an axe, a hockey mask, a black background and Warren. Warren is an exceptionally skilled model at adapting to whatever character, story or concept put in front of him. There are nuances within his work, especially in his work with Gary, that go beyond just admiring and enjoying his naked body.

Even without seeing his face, Warren's Jason Voorhees is not a monster but a tormented and intensely lonely character. The bare and empty surroundings Gary provided give Warren little to hang onto except his axe and his emotions. This Jason is not rewarded for his violent crimes, he is tormented. When he finally does removes his mask he turns his back to the camera, keeping his face hidden even when totally exposed.

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Anonymous said...

Dirt Road is one of my favorite models. I always enjoy seeing his worked posted. Not many images around but I appreciate the virility, vulnerability and intelligence that always comes through in his work.