Friday, October 30, 2015

The FH Costume Parade!

As I do every year, (see last years post HERE:) FH hosted it's annual Halloween and costume bash this past Saturday night. The party was a lavish affair filled with the hottest of Halloween Hunks. As you all know the party's motto is 'less is more' and as you can see, most of this years entries undressed for the occasion!

Wyatt got a little of tired of people wanting to unwrap him, but as the evening gave on he put his hands up and allowed judges to remove the ribbon from the package.

Given he was 'working' the party, Matthew was really permitted to enter, but his exits were so spectacular, I felt he needed a mention.

Many of you have seen Bernardo in and out of his police uniform before, but given how well he fills it out, no one was complaining.

Sam's black Calvin's hit a touch down with the judges

Alex's kitty was a hit, but he hissed and scratched when some tried to lick up his milk.

Todd's extravagant get up was an eye catcher and Todd swears his penis pod was built to size.

These Vampires were certainly a hot trio but they really put on a show sucking the poor pirate dry at the end of the night.

Painted superheroes have become common at Halloween, but this group of 5 had a special power which made them stand out.

No one could resist our trio of turtles and their impressively huge heads

Although Seth and friends debuted these looks in Madrid last New Years Eve, they were the nights clear winners.  Seth's strap kept his pouch in place, but it is still a mystery how his friends kept their penis plates from falling off.

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