Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Photographers Dream: Nolan Ritter by Carl Proctor

'Nolan has an energy and passion for his modeling career that is very rare to find. Plus he's full of that aww-shucks Midwestern goodness which make him a photographer's dream.'

On television, in film or in literature, when a character is described as having 'aww-shucks' like qualities, it is usually to describe someone shy, naive and unsophisticated. For me however, naiveté isn't always about not knowing, instead, for some, it is about not allowing. Not letting negativity and naysayers get in the way of the pursuit of your passions and dreams. Maintaining not just positive energy, but a hopeful determination that despite the challenges, success is not only possible, but deserved.

23 year old Saint Louis fitness model Nolan Ritter definitely has that determination. He doesn't want to use others to make it, but help others along the way. Nolan believes in waking up in each day and taking very opportunity to turn his dreams into reality. For Nolan, mistakes aren't something to dwell on, but something to use and to learn from. Nolan's goal is not just to make it as a model and fitness personality, but to make it to the top, taking the industry by storm.

Atlanta photographer Carl Proctor describes Nolan as a rising personality Nolan Ritter is focused on what needs to be done. What needed to be done when Carl and Nolan got together was to create incredible images to represent Nolan's brand and as you can see they more than succeed. The shoot turned out to be somewhat of a marathon shoot with model and photographer working a full three days and part of a 4th to get just the right shots.

Carl Proctor is an artist who knows how to create images which provide his models with exactly what they need. Given Nolan's focus is fitness, as well as an interest in taking up acting, Carl's images cover all the bases. Nolan's impressive physique is perfectly shot, especially his incredible chest, abs and his magnificent arms. Nolan's handsome face is also beautifully captured, especially his great lips and gentle, and a little flirtatious, brown eyes.

'Nolan told me when he puts his mind to do something, he sticks with it to get the job done all the way. He was one of a very few models who wasn't glued to his cell-phone throughout the shoot, but stayed focused on what needed to be done.'

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