Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Enchanting Forrest

Granddaddy-O! I have noticed a theme the past year or so with some of my posts. There are many actors I saw on tv or film when I was younger that at the time seemed just like old men. I saw them as actors, but there was no attraction of any kind. Now that I am older myself, some of these men have morphed from old men to hot men...

I am often late to the party, but I only first saw 1981's Mommie Dearest about 10 years ago. When actor Steve Forrest, surrounded in pink, slid into the shower with Faye Dunaway, I really didn't give him much thought. I watched part of the movie again a few weeks ago and all of a sudden Forrest looked a whole lot hotter slipping of his towel and getting into that shower.

Mommie Dearest is certainly a flick worth pulling out and re-watching every 5 years or so. Some of the scenes are hilarious and Dunaway was great, not to mention Diana Scarwid who is really quite amazing. I don't think I've seen Forrest in anything else, but I did a quick google search and was interested in his 1960 film with Elvis.

If the title, Flaming Star, wasn't funny enough, the few caps I found were of a shirtless Elvis Presley looking pretty upset over Forrest. I am guessing however from checking out IMDB, the two were brothers in the film with Presley's love interest being Barbara Eden. Still, the movie's title, and the shirtless shot of Elvis on the movie poster brought me a chuckle.

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