Monday, July 23, 2018

Classic Playgirl: Seth Sorenson, October 1999

'My best qualities are my strong sex drive and my determination to always leave you satisfied!'
Seth Sorenson

Seth Sorenson
Hot Young Hunk
October 1999

Peeling off flowered bikini briefs, Seth flaunts his fabulous physique, cavorting with a palm leaf. the wind tousles his blone hair and sunlight glitters on his wet skin. Luxuriating the warm embrace of the island air, Seth looks relaxed and ready to frolic! Mesmerized, we watch his princely pecs and shapely gams as he writhes by the oceanside and rests on the rocks.

I've never heard of 'gams' used to describe a man before, but Seth Sorenson breaks the mold in many areas. I remember first seeing this blonde Adonis in Playgirl when it came out and had the issues stashed 'for use' for quite a while. Wish I'd kept it!

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