Monday, July 23, 2018

Playgirl: 1999 Highlights

I was only 'half' out in 1999, the half being just a few friends. Playgirl was still a monthly, and only $2.75!  I was finally living out on my own. This meant, not having to find elaborate hiding locations to ensure my family didn't find my secret stash. By 1999, Playgirl was regularly having their models pose erect and their couple shoots were hotter than ever.

Tiber Toth

The magazine was still a little too reliant on celebrity, featuring actors and soap stars on their covers, and in usually PG, (or even G rated) pictorials inside. 1999 continued the tradition of Campus Hunks, a winter themed holiday shoot with Sean McNeil and their 'regular man' monthly feature.

Campus Hunks

Favorite models of the year for me included McNeil, Tiber Toth, Carlton Gamble, Shannon Fuller and Emmanuel Fremin. I also especially enjoyed their features with Seth Sorenson and The Ponce twins who's layouts I uploaded this week. (See the links below)

Carlton Gamble

Shannon Fuller

Emmanuel Pierrot Fremin (Emmanuel on FH HERE:)

Sean McNeil (See Sean previously on FH HERE:)

The Multi-Man Experience

Below: Seth Sorenson. (See Seth previously on FH HERE: and his full Playgirl layout HERE:)

Twins Tito and Santi Ponce (See all images from their layout on FH HERE:)

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Anonymous said...

Great memories of hot guys. Young people have it so easy now with computers. They can enjoy sexy guys on their own phones. I remember in the 90's driving 20 minutes away to buy Playgirl and Playguy magazines. I would put the magazines between 2 newspapers and PRAY that the clerk was quick to process my order and would not have the magazines sitting on top as he/she put it into the bag. My heart would be beating so fast hoping that no one knew me. I would enjoy the photos for a long time.