Monday, July 23, 2018

Beverly Hills 90210: First Tier

I was always a Brandon. Dylan was supposed to be broody, but in reality, he was more of quiet talker, and just a little bit boring.... Both characters made their way through most of the female characters at one point or another and during the show's early years were the biggest teen idols of the time. But, as they say, what goes up...

After leaving 90210, both actors struggled to get great roles although Jason Priestley made some interesting choices in movies Die Mommmie Die, Love and Death on Long Island and the series Call Me Fitz. Priestley currently co-stars on the Canadian Castle copy detective series, Private Eyes.

Jason Priestley 

I have never been sure if Priestley's brief frontal was intended (by Priestley) in 1993's Calendar Girl. It's hard to believe an editor would let a penis flopping about go through without the ok from someone, but I've never heard Priestley discuss his flippity flop in interviews.

Calendar Girl (1993)

I always thought it strange that when Priestley, Gabriel Olds and Jerry O'Donnell end up on a nude beach, O'Donnell keeps a towel on. After he outgrew his baby fat O'Donnell always seemed quite comfortable showing off his body in images and in movies. Regardless, Priestley's round and bouncy posterior did not disappoint. I couldn't find a great copy of the Calendar Girls to make a clip. Jason's frontal is only on the VHS version so the quality is not great. There is a good quality copy on Youtube to rent or buy, but I wasn't able to download it. If I find a good quality copy, I will add a clip.

Luke Perry

Although I wasn't knocked over by Perry's acting on 90210, I was impressed with his choice to take on the role of Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier on OZ during the shows fourth and fifth seasons. (2001-2002) It was quite a site to see one of TV's hottest teen idols walking naked and wet across OZ after his towel is taken while he's showering. Although OZ is out on DVD, like many of HBO's shows from the 90's have not gotten HD releases. Even on DVD, it's difficult to find, or make great caps.

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