Monday, July 23, 2018

1999: A Very Good Year

American Pie

In 1999, Eugene Levy was dealing with son Jim (Jason Biggs) putting his penis into the warm apple pie he was looking forward to for dessert. Today, Eugene, who looks so much hotter than when he played Jim's dad, is busy dealing with his real son, both on and of screen in Schitt's Creek. The first American Pie was released in July 1999, and although Jason Biggs showed everything in one of the sequels, his pie hump was the scene most remember.

Varsity Blues

I didn't see Varsity Blues (released in September 1999) until it came out on VHS the following year, but I was eagerly anticipating enjoying Scott Caan's butt scene or myself.  James Van Der Beek jumps from Dawson's Creek to the big screen and along with Caan and Paul Walker provided a perfect trio of hunks for the football drama and comedy.

Although Paul Walker's best nude scene in Joy Ride occurred a few years later, we got a brief glimpse in Varsity Blues.

Cruel Intentions

I still remember sitting in the theatre and those few seconds of Ryan Phillippe's beautiful ass on the big screen.  Although the Phillippe had bared his buns previously, I hadn't yet seen 54 or Little Boy Blue and this was my first, and most memorable experience devouring his perfect posterior. 

Cruel Intentions still holds us, both Ryan's rump scene, and the great drama and relationships between the characters.  Always though the re-make should have focused on Greg and Blaine (Eric Mabius and Joshua Jackson) below.

Criminal Lovers

Can't take a look back at male nudity in cinema without including a little foreign fare. 1999's Criminal Lovers (Les amants criminels) was my first introduction to actors Jérémie Renier and Salim Kechiouche. I have followed both actors and their projects since and especially loved Renier in Faites comme si je n'étais pas là and Kehiouche in Grande école. Both Renier and Kechiouche have nude scenes in this modern day telling of Hansel and Gretel, it's Kechiouche's shower scene early in the movie that had me renting the film over and over from Blockbuster.

Any Given Sunday

I have never seen Any Given Sunday (released December 1999) all the way through, but I have watched 'the locker room' scene more than a few times.  I think we all wished we were Cameron Diaz in the scene where Jamie Foxx gives us a little jock strap action and actor John Clark, (above) gives us the glorious full monty.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

I was already a big fan of both Jude Law and Matt Damon prior to seeing The Talented Mr. Ripley. (released in December 1999). Law was perfect as the sexually enchanting Dickie Greenleaf and Matt Damon showed how talented he was as the murderous Tom Ripley.  No matter how many times you watch the blu-ray, Jude's junk remains frustratingly blurry, but the scene remains incredibly steamy none the less.

We all looked like Matt Damon when Jude stepped out of the bath tub.

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