Monday, July 23, 2018

Classic Playgirl: Tito & Santi Ponce, June 1999

'Yes, you are seeing double, but there's nothing wrong with your vision. Convinced that our Latin Lovers whetted your appetite for more of these sensual studs, we've got Tito and Santi Ponce, gorgeous twins whose Peruvian heritage lends them their exotic good looks and flare!'

Two to Tango
Tito & Santi Ponce
June, 1999
Photography by Suze Randall

Tito & Santi Ponce

Age: 24
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight 170
Home: Riverside, CA

'Posing nude was actually easier for us than it must be for a single guy. We had each others's support and were completely comfortable. Once the shorts came off, the rest was actually fun.'

'My fantasy, like most guys, is having sex with two women. My brother and I have discovered that women share the same dream, but about guys....especially twins.

'When our conversation turns to sex, (as it always does) the brothers thrill us with titillating tales of mé·nage à trois with an extremely lucky lady. As the story goes, a lusty lass was ultra-curious (aren't we all) whether the perfect Ponces are exactly alike. We're sure you've studied the studs enough to realize that Tito's nipple rig is the only sure-fire way to tell them apart.'

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