Sunday, March 29, 2020

You May Now Kiss The Grooms

Animals don’t judge you.
Joe Exotic

Joe, Travis (in back) and John

And it's a good thing for Joe Exotic that they don't....

One of the results of social distancing and stay at home orders is the increase in television watching.  Many are discovering new shows, finally binge-watching The Wire, or re-watching repeats of Schitt's Creek to deal with the anxiety and stress. (that would be moi!)  Many have also dived into the weird and wacky world of Tigers, Lions and Bears with Tiger King on Netflix.

Although like Joe's zoo, there are so many sights to see, one of the weirdest, and most fascinating, is the story of Joe's many men.  I always assumed gay men interested in seducing straight guys usually used money and career advancement.  Nope, lo and behold, for Joe, it was Tigers and meth. An especially lethal combination of the straight guys you're seducing are homeless and struggling to find a purpose in their lives.


Although Joe was married twice before, the show spotlights Joe's 2014  dual wedding to third and forth husbands John Finlay and Travis Maldonado.  Both voice being straight, and when John eventually left the trio of wacky he then married, and had a baby with, a female member of the zoo's staff.  Travis didn't have the opportunity to move on from his relationship with Joe and sadly ended up taking his own life in an accidental shooting in 2017.


Joe didn't didn't let grief hold him back, and just a couple of months after Maldonado's death, he met and then married Justin Passage.  Passage was sleeping on his cousin's couch, and he too was looking for some stability... in his life.  Although if you've finished the series you know they're not currently physically together, they are still married, for now, from a distance.


Hot guys said...

I'm gonna go run for my life now, alright!

Azza said...

I don't think Travis shot himself in the head accidentally...