Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seeing Red: TIM

'Of all the hair colors, redheads may get the most second glances. Not because they’re the most uncommon hair color (natural blondes have that distinction), but because their hair color is so visually stunning. A redhead will always stand out in a crowd of people. Unfortunately, redheads often have to endure a barrage of comments about their fiery tempers and their freckles which if tolerated long enough could result in an outburst that confirms that age old stereotype about red hair and temper.'

I think we all can remember back in Jr. High or High School the cute guy with the fuzzy red hair and the cute body. Many times this guy is the 'funny guy', the 'basketball player' or the 'the theatre nerd'. It is also funny to me how many of these guys you end up seeing a few years after graduation that have cut their hair, maybe lightened it a bit. You now see the guy, once labeled due to his looks, now in a totally different light.

Kids with brown, light blond or dark hair are usually viewed by others in terms of face, body and personality. Many kids with red/orange hair,especially dark red or orange are often seen by peers as a product of their hair instead of who they actually are. For some reason it has been my experience that these kids often become the most successful adults. Whether it be academics or the arts they often feel they need their work to speak louder than those around them in order to be seen beyond the pigment of their follicles.

Above: Tim by Rick Mariani from rickspix.

I have always had a particular interest in people with red hair. As stated above I have always found my friends with red hair often have deeper and more clearly defined personalities and a keen sense of self. It is through my own lens that when I ran into some shots of Tim I instantly stopped in my tracks. Beautiful blue eyes, great smile and a killer body was only the beginning. Tim is simply an artist. Whether it be through modelling, painting or photography, Tim likes to experiment with his work letting the creative juices between himself and whomever he is collaborating with take them to new and interesting places.

"As a model I got to work with a lot of different artists and I've definitely learned from them and started working on my own artwork. I've done almost every aspect of modeling from runway to experimental films and now I am mostly doing figure modeling for art classrooms this semester and it is the most rewarding type of modeling, I feel like a muse and its interesting to see what aspects people decide to pick up on as they photograph, paint, draw, or sculpt me."

I believe the trust Tim shows in those who create art via his image demonstrates the strong sense of self I described earlier. Tim's focus is not so much about how he looks, but instead, what creativity he is able to inspire with his work. A feature of a true artist.

Below: Tim by jaystudios.


Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 140 lbs
Shoe: 11.0
Hair color: Red
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Very Experienced

Check out TIM on Model Mayhem HERE:

Below: Next three shots by Justin Thai.

Below: Tim by Mike Tossy.

Below: Last two pics also from rickspix.

Some of my favorite of Tim's work as artist and photographer.
You can see more of his work at his MM Photographer page HERE:

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