Thursday, October 14, 2010

Also Celebrating today October 14th to:

Happy Birthday also today to:

Actor Max Thieriot turns 22 today.

Degrassi hottie Daniel Clark turns 25 today.

The 'oh so sexy to me' Argentine football defender Renato Civelli turns 27 today.

Actor Jordan Brower turns 29 today.

Actor, model and former Big Brother VIP Mexico guy José Luis Reséndez turns 32 today.

Usher turns 32 today.

Actor Jon Seda turns 40 today.

Greg Evigan turns 57 today. (See previous post on Greg).

Roger Moore turns 83 today.


Anonymous said...

no link to previous post on Greg Evigan!

TyeBriggs said...

You can also always do a search at the top left of the blog.