Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TIM by Zedneram Imagery

I have posted on the work of photographer (and model) Desi Hyter from Zedneram Imagery several times over the past several months. When beginning to describe his work with Tim I am not sure I could say it any better than I did when I wrote about his work with S-Gon this past August:

I have loved the work of Zedneram Imagery for awhile now. Many of you might know Zednerman from his work with Peter Le. Zednerman has taken many of Peter's most posted shots.

'Our society bases popularity on a specific look, a certain body type, an outward manifestation of social class, or the expression of a particular attitude. Zedneram strives to surpass conditional definitions of tolerance and searches for the true essence of unconditional acceptance.'

Zednerman imagery's mandate is to create artistic and powerful images of people of all colors. When researching Zednerman's work, it was the word 'powerful' which I most felt when viewing photo after photo. No matter what the model looked like, no matter how tall, how thin, how confident, Zednerman was able to capture them strong and in control. Even when completely naked, the men and women in front of Zednerman's lens were never vulnerable, they were always completely in control.

I love Zedneram's shots of Tim, soft, beautiful, classic. Desi says that Tim is an AMAZING model, unique, interesting and very professional. 'Tim has great energy and was very open to many concepts and ideas. Great model and would work with him again.'

Thanks to Desi for sharing his work with Tim with FH!

Check out Zedneram on MM HERE:
Check out Zedneram's Great Blog HERE:


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