Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oddly Pleasant Shirtlessness

Have you ever had your sexual senses tickled by an unexpected source? Sometimes there are men in our lives we barely notice. Some we are not attracted to at all, some we are even disgusted or annoyed by. Then... one day, they're wearing an especially tight t-shirt, show a bit skin or make a comment or tell a story that has us looking at them through a different lens. Here are a few of mine... None of these actors I have been especially attracted to, a couple I dislike intensely, but all... have ticked those senses. It is usually surprising and even sometimes a little unnerving when it occurs. Don't Judge... I am sure if you all think, you could come with your own experiences with oddly pleasant shirtlessness...

Above: Finn Wittrock, Freak Show

Finn Wittrock doesn't float my boat. He has a great body and is very talented, but his AHS character is so repulsive I had felt nothing remotely sexual towards him. Maybe it was his proximity to Matt Bomer last week, could have been all the blood, but most likely it was those retro tighty whities but suddenly last week, Finn generated firm...

I have never seen a second of The Shield, and never fantazied about Finn's co-star Michael Chiklis. There was a moment however in Fantastic Four, where The Thing tickled away for a moment or two. Chiklis brings that same muscled bound quality to his current role on Freak Show. wouldn't want to date him, but for a night...maybe.

Michael Chiklis

When I was a kid, after supper meant running to the rec room to watch repeats of Happy Days and All In The Family. Although Richie and Potsie were cute, a glimpse of Ralph Malph without his shirt showed a pretty hot body under all Ralph's goofy exterior and all those t shirts he usually wore.

Happy Days

I have always respected Rob Reiner for both his work, and his political passions, but I found nothing sexy about Michael Stivic. Sure he got in some one liners, but he was also incredibly self righteous and stubborn. There was a moment or two though, where channelling all of his anger might have been fun.

Rob Reiner, All In The Family

Kevin James, King Of Queens

Kevin James is hit and miss to me. Sometimes when watching old King Of Queens repeats, I find him as non sexual as they come. Other times, especially his delivery shorts, he has a powerful sexual aura about him that needs more in depth investigation.

I don't like David Boreanaz. Not sure why, I always wanted Buffy with Spike and although Angel was hot, he also bored me to tears. There were a few scenes though, like the one below, where Angel worked his magic. When Angel was vulnerable, helpless and usually shirtless he had a sex appeal I loved, especially when he needed Buffy to take care of him and prop him back up.

David Boreanaz

There isn't much about Ian Ziering on 90210 I liked. Might be the character, but when I did watch this show, (which was rare) I usually tuned out most of what was going on with his character. But... every once in awhile Steve Sanders elicited a little bead of sweat. Not when he was shirtless or playing volly ball on the beach. It usually occurred when he was walking, no make that strutting. Ziering has a great struct, especially in his tight 80' jeans.

Ian Ziering 90210

Ross was my least favorite friend, often the downer of the group. But David Schwimmer had a hot body, usually not shown to it's potential in the wardrobe they had on Ross. Every once in awhile, either when getting trapped in a bathroom with those leather pants, or when attempting to seduce a new girlfriend, Ross showed that after a long day at the museum... he was hitting that gym hard!

David Schwimmer

On Party of Five it was all about Scott Grimes and Matthew Fox for me. Scott Wolf had a tight firm body and was cute enough, but there was something annoying, maybe too earnest about his acting style to me. Yet, when he showed that body, on POF and subsequent shows there was reason to pause. He would have to keep his mouth shut during, but if so, yeah...

Scott Wolf

Simon Helberg is the only male cast member that still has me occasionally tune into Big Bang Theory. I sort of half wash, the show, once a favorite, now bugs me for some reason. The female characters still make me laugh, but the male cast, Jim Parsons in particular, jumped the shark about 2 and half seasons ago. It is the same ole same ole. But... when Howie pulls of his Austin Powers pants to dance for Bernadette I pay attention.

Simon Helberg

One of my least favorite characters on Y & R was Kevin. Greg Rikaart is talented, but his character is so annoying, especially as he continually repeating the same mistakes over and over. Kevin is de-clothed often, but I when he does I fixate on those beautiful, and clearly manscaped thighs...

Greg Rikaart

Everybody Loves Raymond, including myself. Debra often turned him away in the bedroom, but there is something about Ray that I could not deny.

Ray Romano

As much as I love my Dallas DVD's, there was not much eye candy presented. I am not really into Duffy and except for Lucy's parade of boyfriends, and of course that season of speedo (thanks Mr. Atkins) the skin was mostly shown by Victoria and her two lovely principals. There was this scene however with Ray Krebbs sweaty from working outside that gave me pause. Might have been because it was cutie Timothy Patrick Murphy he was grabbing, but like his niece Ms. Lucy, I would have taken Ray for a lay in the hay.

Steve Kanaly with Timothy Patrick Murphy

Speaking of Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe does nothing for me. I can clearly see he is good looking, but between his lack of acting skills, and a perceived attitude issue, I avoid most of his work, including tuning out his turn on the new version of the show. This recent image however with Jesse praying (maybe for talent...) in his white undies caused a slight shift in the force.

Jesse Metcalfe


Anonymous said...

Jessie Metcalf comment had me laughing.

Prince Charming on Once Upon a Time has to be one of the most obnoxious characters I've ever come across and I find nothing sexy about his ability to always find himself in trouble or thinking he is on the right track just to find out he's totally missing the point and never admits it. But there are a few scenes when he looks gorgeous in his prince attire.


Bobby F. said...

OMG! Timothy Patrick Murphy as Mickey Trotter! I had such a crush on him. Sadly, he died of AIDS a few years after leaving "Dallas". It has been almost 26 years since he died.