Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Knockdown: Chris Abs by macpics

'I shoot all sorts of subjects - anything which catches my eye, really. It might be a face which interests me, it might be a face, and hands, I think can be very erotic. I don't look for a particular type, it's what- or whoever catches my eye.'

When I first profiled Ian from macpics back in 2011, (Catching His Eye) I focused the imagery on some of my favorite images from the Melbourne Australia's portfolio. Ian's love of photography as a small child watching my grandfather develop films and print shots. 'I found it fascinating to see a picture appear from nowhere on a piece of paper.'

With his grandfather as an early guide, Ian has gained both skill and knowledge through experience and his many shoots. The industry has come a long way since those early days watching film being developed. So far in fact, that Ian is now able to offer 3D images for his models and clients.

When recently re-visiting Ian's Model Mayhem portfolio, Ian's selection of imagery and models had greatly expanded. So many images and models caught my eye, but near the top of the list was Sydney's Chris Abs. Chris describes himself a down to earth Aussie Guy whose passions include traveling, and keeping fit, which is clear within these images from Ian.

'My take on life in six words; Live simply, eat healthy, be happy.'

Chris is a new face to modeling, having begun this past year. Chris has only been Model Mayhem since June, but has already drawn in his fair share of attention. Although introverted at times, Chris is also loves to laugh and experience new things, which is evident within his work with macpics. Ian more than concurs, especially with the fun part. In addition to the fun, Ian says Chris was great to work, cooperative, reliable and Ian feels the shoot was an enjoyable experience for both model and photographer.

Chris has a great face, classic and strong. He is able to convey light and fun, yet can turn his look steely and serious when required. Tall, with an incredible body, I also love how beautiful his skin looks and photographs. Ian did a superb job lighting and capturing both the beauty of Chris's body, and his skin especially with his choice of colors to contrast both against.

I love the yellow and especially the orange tones Ian covered and blanketed Chris with. Ian managed to capture both Chris's physical beauty and strength as well as different aspects of his personality. Through his different set-ups and themes, Ian provided Chris with a complete portfolio of looks and themes. Incredible body and physique shots, beautiful body scapes, and images like the one below, pulling in beauty and sensuality with the natural light cascading over Chris's body and skin.

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David Asset said...

He gives a whole new meaning to the Yoga position he appears to be striking known as "The Plow"!