Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Welcome Back Valerie!

I have lamented missing The Comeback in several posts over the years. To me, the show is up there as one of best comedic television shows ever. Ahead of it's time, The Comeback saw where reality television was headed and milked every hilarious, and painful moment.

I was a little worried during the first half of Sunday's premier. I love Lisa Kudrow as Valerie, but she has sort of copied the character in other roles since the show went off the air, and I wondered if Valerie would hold up. It felt as though Kudrow was struggling to find Valerie again in the beginning, a bit over the top. As soon as she was in a room again with Paulie G however, the old Valerie returned in full force. Valerie isn't actually naturally funny, the comedy comes from the pain, desperation and circumstance the writers put her in. No other quite digs at Valerie's scabs like Paulie G and by the shows final moments I relaxed. Valerie was back.

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