Monday, May 4, 2015

The Boob Tube:

Manly Mammary Moment Of The Week:

Paul Telfer

Alexandros Kiriakis (Xander)
Days Of Our Lives
May 1st, 2015

This past February I posted about actor Paul Telfer's arrival in Salem. (Who Dat?) I haven't watch much of the show since, but was inspired to DVR Friday's episode after seeing some shirtless previews. Soap Opera's have always known how to use a shirtless scene, but Paul Telfer's has got to be one of the hottest!

In my February post, Telfer was playing Mr. Damon, but the show, wisely sensing Telfer's pecs appeal, gave him a new character, this one a family member who they can use beyond just being one of Victor's henchman. I could watch Paul Telfer shirtless all day. (I must schedule such a day...) Besides that incredible torso, Telfer also has a swagger, and can act, which just completes the already full package. The show, (until the finally recast Will) is still not watchable enough for me, but Telfer will has me aching for a future return.

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