Monday, May 4, 2015

Instagrams That Inspire: Austin Falk

Although I cannot bring myself to watch a minute of 2 Broke Girls, I can bring myself to admire it's newest cast member. Even without having to sit through the horrid dialogue, actor Austin Falk (Nash) can be appreciated visually in clips with the sound off. With Two and a Half Men now history, I guess, there might be an audience for viewers who like lame, not to mention endless, penis jokes, but the producers were smart to hedge their bets with the hiring of the delicious Mr. Falk.

Austin has an incredible body yes, but it is that face and smile that had sites and blogs in a tizzy since his debut. Austin got his start in Devilish Charm, from who else, director David DeCoteau. Although not a huge fan of his films, David certainly has an eye for beauty and young talent so I think Devilish Charm requires a bit more research.

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