Monday, May 4, 2015

Classic Playgirl: Pete Jazwinski, 1993

'It can get pretty lonely out on the prairie. Wouldn't you love a sexy cowpoke like Pete Jazwinski to ride to the rescue and keep you company? We thought so!'

Pete Jazwinski
Back in the Saddle
Playgirl, September 1993
Photographed by Intensity Studio

Not sure what Pete Jazwinski is up to these days, but back in 1993, when he dropped his jeans and chaps to pose for Playgirl, he was living and working in Hollywood. Pete was looking to make it as an actor and writer and was working as close as he could to his dream job, acting as a tour guide at Universal Studios. As a writer, Pete did have a couple of his plays produced in local Theatres and as an actor, he had small roles in The Mask and Nadir.

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