Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mark Pett by Ev Dylan

'Mark rocks every shoot... Period.'
-Ev Dylan-

20 year old Mark Pett says that working with Ev Dylan has molded him into the model he is today. Mark started modeling two years ago when he was 18. A friend in Mark's in his high school algebra class suggested he look into modeling. Mark says that initially he laughed her off. In his first semester in college, a friend, was pledging for the same fraternity as Mark had a photo shoot scheduled in Dallas. Mark, and 2 other friends joined him on a weekend road trip to the shoot.

'The photographer stopped during the shoot for a wardrobe change, he looked at me and asked if I wanted to shoot as well. I hesitated because I felt that I was way too skinny compared to the models he normally shot. He told me I should shoot with him or I am gonna go home that night and regret saying no. So I took some shots for him with literally the clothes I had on (jeans, sweater, and flip flops) and I got the results back in a few days and I absolutely loved them! From that moment on I knew I had to do this.'

Mark says that the feeling he gets when in front of the camera is something he can't fully describe. 'It just feels like I'm mighty, confident, and in total control of my destiny.' Mark plans to continue to follow this destiny as far as it takes him and hopes to make his mark in the fashion industry. Ev and Mark have worked together many times and have created many different and incredible looks for Mark's portfolio. Mark says he feels blessed to have connected with Ev, not just because he is an amazing photographer but because Mark says he was lucky enough to have also met an amazing friend in the process.

'Working with Ev is every models dream. I remember when I did my very first underwear shoot and it was with Ev and I was totally nervous out of my mind. All that totally flew out of the window within the first few minutes of working with him. He made me feel in control, comfortable, asked for my input with posing, and it really came through in our work. It just felt so natural and when I looked at our photos that we shot together I could not believe it was me. It was like I was looking at a completely different person.'
-Mark Pett-

'Working with Mark as a new model several years ago was a responsibility I took very seriously. I know how much modeling means to him and at well over 6' tall, Mark has great potential. As with many of my models, I have enjoyed collaborating with Mark so much that we have shot more than a half dozen times, and I consider him now to be a good friend.'
-Ev Dylan-

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