Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not A Shy Bone In His Body : Ray Luis by Carl Proctor

One of my favorite features that I worked to put together this year was my profile of photographer Carl Proctor's work with model and actor Keith. (re-posted below) There was an energy to the shots which were creative, sexy and playful. The energy also came from Carl's love of his work and support of those he works closely with. One of the marks of a great shoot is when the viewer wants to see more of both the model and the work of the photographer. Carl's work with Keith left me wanting to see more!

Above: My favorite shot, so beautiful, so hot!

The Situations Abs, Fawcett's mane, Jolie's lips, Tim McGraw's tight jeans and Lopez & Kardashians boo-tay...

When working with a subject who is 'known' for something a photographers job has to be to both showcase it, as well as ensuring you don't simply rely on it. I mean you could just simply focus your lens and shoot it but then there would really be nothing creative, nothing different and especially nothing new about doing that.

I think in the case of 33 year old Ray Luis the task is easy. He certainly has it, but he also has so much more. There is reason Luis has been so busy, so popular, and has been working so many talented and respected photographers. Ray has been literally jumping on and off planes shooting much of the last several months. If all he had was it I am sure the continued job offers would have shriveled up long ago.

Ray describes himself as cool, calm and collected and very easy to work with. These adjectives along with his professionalism provide even more reasons photographers are eager to work with him and why they are singing his praises. Carl Proctor describes working with Ray as a real pleasure.

'You never know when you have the opportunity to work with a hot Internet model what the experience will be like. The minute you meet Ray, all concerns are put to rest. He is just as he describes himself: laid back, fun loving, and very serious about his modeling work. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body and he's very confident with his appearance. He brings so much to a shoot you can't help but get successful results.'

'The first shoot we had was supposed to start with me picking him up at the airport at 9am on a Sunday morning from a flight originating in Chicago. However, due to weather issues, overbooking practices, and flight delays he wasn't able to arrive in Atlanta until after 4pm. I was worried that he would be tired and would not deliver his best. My worries were totally unfounded. He put 150% into a shoot that went well into the night with no complaining or grumbling. He's a real pro all the way.'

Ray Luis has a truly amazing body, head to hmmmmm, toe. Beautiful face, sultry eyes, lips an amazing torso and muscled arms and legs which make every beautiful inch of him meant to be captured. Equally impressive though is his work ethic. Ray has a plan and his current crazy schedule and all the hard work is an important part of it. Besides this hard work, Ray has studied fitness and nutrition. Ray continues to study but his eye is on the prize. For Ray that prize is an acting career and he is currently studying acting at the Barbizon professional acting school in Detroit.

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