Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The Curious Case of Jared Kushner..... When I began Caucus  earlier this year, my intent was to make it non-political.  The focus was politics of course, but I wanted to get past party and principal and focus on what I usually do, hot men.  I have featured Democratic men, Republican men and many media men covering the current political circus.

I did however, have no intent on covering anyone named Trump, and Jared Kushner is still a hair, (although an increasingly thin one) from the stump himself.  Kushner was on my list to feature from the start, but his increasingly strong role in Trumps campaign had him moved to the bottom of the list.

Kushner is an interesting guy, intelligence, accomplished and incredibly hot.  Like his wive Ivanka, Kushner was a fairly well known democrat in the past.  Kushner has donated over $100, 000 to democratic candidates over the year and in 2013, bundled money for New Jersey democratic Senator Cory Booker's Senate campaign, eeven osting a fundraiser for the candidate in Kushner's Trump owned penthouse,

One can't deny Kushner's appeal however, when seeing these recent shots of he and Ivanka vacationing on David Geffen's yacht.  Kushner looks incredibly hot wrapping his towel around his lean and perfectly toned body.

Sad to see Kushner now fully swept up into the shit storm that is the Trump campaign.  Hard to know if is pressure from his wife and father and law, or his own political and professional ambition.  I can't help but think that if Stump weren't running, Kushner and his wife might be on the trail for Clinton. Either way, they're making their own choices.  Family or not, if my father, whom I love deeplty, were making publicly dangerous, hateful and racist statements, I would be walking away.

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