Thursday, January 25, 2018

Blast From The Past: Randy Hamilton

When I was little, I distinctly remember being from 2pm-3pm each day, my mother was busy. You didn't bug her, talk to her or ask her a question when Another World was on. For a brief time, the time went from 2pm to 4pm during the short run of Texas in the early eighties. A daytime copy of Dallas, Texas only last a few years, cancelled by NBC in 1982.

When I was home over Christmas, TV shows that we used to watch was brought up in conversation and I was reminded of my mothers love of Texas. I was too young to remember much about it, other than the opening credits, which was my cue to shut up, but I recently headed to Youtube to see what I could find.

There are a few episodes and video clips on Youtube, but I was most drawn to a few featuring actor Randy Hamilton. 'Randy Hamilton' sounds like a seventies porn name, but sadly, I don't think sexy Randy shed his clothing, except for a few soap scenes. Hamilton has a great face, with a strong jaw, that remains just as sexy thirty plus years later.

When I was looking for images of Randy, I found one speedo shot, which tells me there were probably more, but sadly households didn't have scanners at the time to save and scan images of the hot hunks of the day. Randy went on after his run on Texas to guest on TV shows such as Dynasty, The Dukes of Hazzard, Riptide and T.J Hooker.


Hamilton continued to act on film and on television through the late 90's appearing to move to doing more voice acting and stage work. Although not listed on his IMDB page, Randy's most recent appearance seems to be as part of the cast of the 2015 science fiction film, The Phoenix Incident.

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