Sunday, July 26, 2020

Ken Olandt in A Time to Revenge

'A modern day version of the old Western story of a big rancher buying up all the smaller ranches, doing whatever necessary to achieve this and a group of men willing to fight back.'

Last week, I paid homage to Carl Reiner, and his direction of 1987's Summer School. ( Thanks Carl Reiner).  Specifically, I highlighted the scene in the male strip club featuring the adorably hot Ken Olandt.  At the time of writing, I had thought Carl Reiner, gave audiences their only view of Ken and his fine behind.  I was wrong.

Thanks to a poster on DC, I learned that Ken had another butt baring scene, this time, without the g-string.  A decade later, in the 1997 Western drama, A Time to Revenge, Olandt played Will, and Will loved having sex in the barn, by the campfire, almost every location you'd expect a randy cowboy to whip his chaps off in.

Olandt was 29 when he played the high school stripper in Summer School, and he was close to 39 when he made A Time to Revenge.  I had really only seen and check out Olandt's appearances during the late 80's and enjoyed seeing him a little older and a little more rugged than he appeared during his time as a twenty-something 'teen idol'.


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HOT, HOT, HOT. Thank you for sharing. Gorgeous at any age.

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Too Hot To Handle