Friday, June 3, 2011

Keeping up with Nick Ayler

The first time I saw shots of Nick Ayler was back in 2009 when Hans Fahrmeyer sent me shots from his most recent shoot with Nick. Instantly it was clear there was something special about this man. Besides being one of the hottest models, Nick is a also a talented singer, actor and DJ. What impressed me most about Nick was how driven he was. Nick worked hard to get his career jump started and was generous to in providing FH with material and information. Since 2009 Nick has been someone I feature as often as I can!

Above: Two of my favorite shots of Nick by Jin Wang

Nick's hard work and determination has led to Nick heading to head of the class. The past year has had Nick featured in numerous campaigns, calendars, magazine covers (DNA by Richard Gerst), book covers (ONE by David Arnot)and much much more!

After a move from New York to CA last year new opportunities presented themselves including a role in the new series Hollywood Boys. Hollywood Boys is just getting off the ground but if you want to jump on board from the beginning you check check out the official site HERE: I will feature more as the series progresses.

California has also provided Nick the opportunity to explore one of his main loves, music. Nick DJ's every Saturday and recently began a new Facebook Page and Website to feature his work. Check out his latest, The Contradiction Mix HERE:

The cast of Hollywood Boys by Scott Hoover.

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