Friday, June 3, 2011

Jake Buczynski by John M Clum

John M Clum
'Photography through the eyes of a painter'

The first time I featured the work of John M Clum (An Ealaíontóir), I contrasted his work with model B Chapman with Clum's seawall series of paintings. I was struck by how similar the feel was in all of his work, regardless of the medium. With both his paintings and his photography John's work has a added layer, a depth.

'I capture images of men that will span body structure and physical manifestations of form, frailty, variation, infirmity, strength, power, beauty, arousal and the exotic or any combination thereof.'

One of John's latest shoots was with 23 year old Pennsylvania model Jake Buczynski. Jake is just getting started with modelling but with the depth John brings to his shots Jake looks far from a beginner. Jake says he is not afraid to after what he wants, and success with modelling is currently at the top of his list.

'I'm a very out going, lively, entertaining person. I enjoy working out and staying active. In my free time I enjoy baseball, volleyball, hiking, cliff jumping, and in the winter I love to snowboard. Recently I've been dedicating my free time to becoming a model. It's alot harder than I thought but i'm working hard and getting into the best shape of my life and I am not gonna stop until I succeed in this profession.'
Jake Buczynski

John thinks with the right opportunities Jake is headed for success. He found him on Model Mayhem while looking for models in his area that were trying to get a start.

'I could see his potential right away with his impressive physique. He was only about 30 miles from me so I contacted him and offered to shoot him. He answered yes and these photos are the result. He was excellent to work with!'

Be sure to check out John's official site HERE:
You can also check out more of Jake's work on MM HERE:


Oz, not the dr said...

He does Calvin good

Sassy said...

He is a little heavier then most commercial models. I like his look very much.

Anonymous said...

Great face and body