Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Round Robin

I am prepared to be wrong,
I am fine to be disagreed with.
Sometimes I wonder if I am behind the times,
Other times I wonder if I am ahead of the curve.

I paraded, wrote letters, marched and fought for gay rights so that one day stories like Robin's would NOT be news.... When I saw so many gay sites and blogs, when I read so many people on Twitter and Facebook applauding and cheering Robin this week I wondered if we have somehow forgotten what being equal means. The news anchor did not loudly come out, she quietly and respectfully mentioned her partner...just like anyone might have. I love her for that. I understand how important it is for gay celebrities, athletes and political figures to be honest with who they are but I think our need to have a ticker tape parade every time we find out someone is gay has passed the point of helping the cause, in fact it may be just slightly starting to make it worse.


Anonymous said...

Short comment I so totally agree...so you are gay ok so am I...thanks for writing how a feel about the subject...'

Great site Happy New Years to you and your...maybe not that short of a comment...


Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous. Same goes for the Aaron Rodgers rumors. It's become a controversy for absolutely no reason.


Brian said...

I think it's more due to the fact that she is so "normal" and also gay....When someone like Robin or Zachary Quinto come out (just the first 2 I can think of) they aren't waving the rainbow flag etc.etc. so mainstream people are just so shocked we are just that...."normal" When someone like Johnny Weir or Richard Simmons comes out as gay....well then people go "of course he's gay,just look at him".....