Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soul Secret by Alexander Chernenko

'To declare myself to the world, actually, why not if the world wide web exists for the connecting people from the most different corners of a planet. for the finding adherents and colleagues. for the meeting interesting people and to show my own.'

Some days I look at the web, and the filth and hate spewed on so many forums and messages boards and wonder it is really more than just a vehicle to spread hate. It was a certain and specific basement dweller blogger whose voice was simply used to belittle others that had me decide FH had to be different. Not necessarily always positive, but stories and features never (ok, rarely...) at the expense of another.

Reading photographer Alexander's quote on the front of his site AlAn-design reminded me of the power and positivity of the world wide web. If not for the web, how would a guy,, currently freezing (although power has been restored!) and storm stayed, surrounded by snow in a house in the North East of America share the work of a Russian photographer currently living and working in Belarus.

'I'm going my way form amateur to professional photographer. In Russian "amateur" ("любитель") have almost same sense as "love" ("любить" in Russian). I really love to see different moments of life and I really love to catch them by my camera! But also I like to make this on real good level to be real professional!'

As huge as the world is, almost every artist I profile, especially those who don't shoot for a living, describe their photography as a passion, they do it because they have to, they love it. I am convinced people see the world in one of five ways; through their visual or auditory senses, through their imagination, through the lens of another or with their eyes to the ground. Most photographers are of course visually inclined, it is why my images never look quite right. I see the world through my imagination, every encounter and experience like a scene from a play. It is why I see 'story' in every image I spend time with.

When I saw this set of images, as beautiful as sexy, as mysterious and enigmatic they were, I instantly had questions, why the choice of the veil, why was the model hidden? Was it an artists choice, a statement or story being shared, or was it a model's request, were they shy or wanting to remain hidden? It is a beautifully fascinating contrast to unveil our penis, the part of our body most usually wrapped and cover the face, the part of our body usually the symbol of who we are and the base of expression and emotion.

'The 22 year old model was not experienced shooting, but wanted to try all types of modeling, including nude shots. He wasn't sure how people around him can take this. Therefore... he decided to hide his face. To make those images a bit more enigmatic. He can show his nudity, but at the same time he wanted to keep in secret his soul...'

Alexander's words, and story about the images to me enhance their beauty and provide another level of emotion and enjoyment viewing them. Although not necessarily directly connected, given all the news surrounding The Olympics, Russia and gay rights the images make the images, and models choices pointedly current and poignantly relevant.

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