Sunday, November 1, 2015

Who's That Boy?

Despite my post a week or so ago, (Two Strikes) I am still watching American Horror Story: Hotel. This week's Halloween episode, Devil's Night, had less Gaga and more focus on Evan Peters and his hotel owner from hell, James March.

In addition to more Mr. March, Devil's night also saw the return of John Carroll Lynch, (last season's Twisty) and the incredible Lily Rabe. Rabe has always been one of my favorites from the series, and this marks her first (and possibly only) appearance this season.

Both Rabe and Carroll Lynch returned for a celebration, a Halloween get together and dinner party for some of the worlds most well known serial killers. As host, Mr. March provided his guests with everything they could have wanted. For Carroll Lynch, who was playing John Wayne Gacy, one of his gifts was a young, beautiful long haired shirtless character billed only as 'the boy.'

At first I thought the boy was being played by actor Casey Wyman (shown above) who I featured back in 2013. (God It Looks Like Daniel) Wyman played another long haired beautiful boy in the shows second season Asylum. Wyman made a brief, but memorable appearance in the series second season in a sort of similar role, as a young guy brought on to sexually arouse another character. A quick google search revealed, although equally stunning, the actor, model and self described 'aspiring artist' at this dinner party was another.

The boy, was played by 23 year old Australian actor Harry Hains. Many of you might recognize the Ford models from his many editorials and campaigns, but over the last few years Hains has been making his mark in movies with several movies including the upcoming horror flick, The Mangled. I am not sure the boy made it through the night, or through the entire dinner party for that matter, but Harry Haines left an impression and seems destined to be around long after his brief stay in Hotel.

Love the shot below!

Harry by Easton Schirra for Yearbook #7

The Surface (2015)

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