Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Manhattan Studios: Black to Bond

Black (& Orange) to Bond

'As he held the black fabric against his bright orange T-shirt, Bond joked that we were just in time for Halloween.'

Last Halloween, FH presented a trio of stories, the first, Those Who Wait, featuring New Manhattan Studio's work with model Bond Brown. Bond, and his work with Wes and Alex from NMS's, was so popular, he returned to FH this past February in features to help celebrate Valentines Day.

Since Bond, and his work with NMS, are becoming sort a holiday tradition, I thought I would hark back to Bond's black & orange (and ghostly sexy white) themed piece from last year. When I contacted Wes about a 'hark back' post, Wes came through, as as usual he went above and beyond. Wes headed back to his archives and pulled out new images and new edits for this year's piece.

'I enjoyed going back into last fall’s “Orange and Black” session with Bob. It always amuses me how my eyes are attracted to very different pictures a month, a season or a year after the shoot. And as to be expected, I encountered a number of “how-did-I-overlook-that” shots.'

Bond has become not only a favorite on FH, but also a favorite for NMS. This past summer, they all came together to do a new series of shoots in California. I am hoping to run a feature on those themes in the next couple of weeks If you want a sneak peak, check out more of Bond in Black & Orange, with a sneak peak at this past summer's new shoot on The Over-Flow!

Behind The Scenes:
A Picture is worth a thousand words: Alex and Bond comparing pictures from Bond’s first session.

'I regard this as a pivotal session in our work with Bond. Although still new to modeling, he nailed it that evening and emerged as a much more experienced and self-assured physique model. He has continued to radiate that confidence in all of his subsequent work.'

Bond by New Manhattan Studios on FH:

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