Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ev'rything free in America

Rita Moreno: Anita-film, 1961
Hundreds of flowers in full bloom

Stars, Stripes and Skin

Strong Mind, Strong Body: The Renaissance Man by Bobby Shahideh

Ok, so not Ev'rything is free in America.  Most things cost, if not financially, then emotionally or spiritually.  Pride, patriotism and love of one's country shouldn't cost financially,  but the current Presidential race certainly proves there can be a high cost to pay to maintain your values and stand by what you believe in.

If you google search, and I did... .'American Flag, naked man' a handful of images of naked hunks with flags do come up. There are stock photos and images used on many sites year after year on the 4th.  I have been fortunate that many artists have shared with me original 4th of July themed images with a focus on the flag, and sometimes, on the pole...  Here are a few recent favorites.

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