Sunday, August 6, 2017

Anton's Grand Adventure: by StudioMGphotography

'Anton personifies both the beauty and energy of youth that make the world take notice, he's a bit of a tease, he's a charmer.'

The second you see Mark's images of Anton you can tell he likes to have fun with the camera. His playfulness is both immediately evident and infectious. It is also incredibly sexy. Anton's smile and body have clearly brought him a ton of attention. With all of the focus on his appearance has gotten, Anton's reaction was never to get big head, but instead, to sport a huge grin.

That grin came out on when out to dinner on the last day of the shoot. Mark reports a woman stopped at their table, just to tell him how beautiful he was, ad that he deserved to be told.  Always upbeat and energetic, Anton made the absolute most of his Grand Adventure to California, especially given it was first time visiting the state.  Anton was determined to get the most out of the experience, and thankfully for us, Mark captured every moment, and chronicled it all in his new book, Anton's Three Day Weekend

Their busy schedule included a stops at a huge range of locations, and a number of different themes. A burned out warehouse, Bedtime Stories, an old jail, the beach, our pool, and the shower. (I really need to do a post focused on the dozens of models shot in Mark and Mike's shower...) Anton also did a little tap dancing in an old WWII Navy Uniform from the dad of one of Mark's friends.

'Anton had this infectious enthusiasm his entire visit. He just exudes enjoyment, an absolute joy to create with! At 21 he's strikingly handsome, with a radiant smile and twinkling eyes, while also exuding that famous mid-western wholesomeness.'

Visiting from the mid-west, a trip to California wouldn't be complete without a day at the beach. The busy university student, who also holds down three  jobs, deserved some rest and relaxation in the surf and under the sun. Doesn't look like Mark gave him much of a break however, given the gymnastics he displayed in the sand! Anton's flexibility and athleticism from not only dancing, tap as well as swing and ballroom, but in addition, master swimming, volleyball, rowing, running and rollerblading.

'Anton embraced every location or idea I suggested with enthusiasm, whether it involved playing on the beach, or skirting around a closed gate. He didn't even complain about the body hair I had requested for our shoot, although he seemed particularly happy to "clean up" on our last morning. Anton's that playful puppy everyone wants to be around, if they can just keep up the pace!'

If like me, you're a little addicted to Anton, head on over to Blurb and preview the book by checking out more shots from Anton's three day weekend. The book, is avaiable in hard and soft covers, as well as a lower priced digital download. Check out more HERE:


Michael A. Deer / Pride of Paradise Photography said...

LOVE THIS... Great work my Mark and Anton... great story line, well told.

Anonymous said...

Hot as hell, he is!