Monday, March 16, 2020

Pot o' Gold: Austin by Studio1x

'Don’t miss all the beautiful colors of the rainbow🌈 looking for that pot of gold....'

Given all that's going on in the world, this year, St. Patrick's Day doesn't feel much like a celebration. No large gathering, no pub crawls drinking too much green beer, no large parades.  That doesn't mean however, that one can't have a good time.   If you're up for it like model Austin Steele, have a creative personality, and are able to channel your inner leprechaun, March 17th can still be a lot of fun.

FH readers know well, that the work from Jim from Studio1x has been a important part of many FH holiday celebrations.  Jim had been talking this particular lautitious leprechaun on and off for a couple of years, but up until recently, their schedules never matched up t collaborate. Last year, Jim celebrated the holiday by shooting Dakota in and out of an Irish kilt.  Jim had initially hoped this year, to find another model to put on the plaid.

'I was struggling to find the right person for a kilt shoot so I had reached out to Austin to see if he would be interested.  Austin laughed stating he probably wouldn't pull off the kilt look very well but he was game.'

After some discussion, Jim and Austin decided to put the kilt theme aside, and they discussed other ideas and themes for this year's shoot.  Jim shares that it was Austin who came up with the whimsical theme for this years St. Paddy's Day shoot.

There are many famous iconic g-strings, from Channing Tatum's in Magic Mike to Princess Leia's metal bikini, and I think Austins coin g-string should certainly be added to the list!  In order to properly cover his pot o' gold, Austin ordered a couple of bags of coins on Amazon and put them all together to create his golden coin cover that certainly causes one to want to reach in to make change.

Even though we have to avoid big crowds, maybe especially when only wearing a gold coin loin cloth, but that doesn't mean we have to spend the holiday along.  All dressed up, with no where to go, Austin decided to invite a friend over to help him celebrate and search for his pot of gold.  Check out more of Austin, and his St. Paddy's Day visitor on PAGE 2 HERE:

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