Monday, November 3, 2014

Completely Comfortable: Brussie by Chris A Freeman

'These photographs are untouched, unedited, just as the shoot happened, which is just how I like it.'

There are two types of model images that I usually save. Images of models that physically turn me on, and images of models that emotionally I feel some sort of a connection with. The images that physically turn me on are saved and usually then quickly deleted to make room for a new one. The models and images I connect with, are saved much longer both on my hard drive and in my consciousness.

Connection is as interesting thing. Sometimes you feel it and know instantly why. Other times you feel it and don't exactly know why. Inexplicably, it is the emotional reaction with the latter that is usually most intense. We all know that it is easy to be physically attracted to someone we have only seen in a photograph. Given photography is a visual art, it requires artists to look beyond the visual, and the physical, to capture traits, temperament and essences of personality of their subjects. Some never seem to master this second sight, but for others it is simply a natural part of their process.

It is always fascinating to me to 'like' a model before knowing anything about them except what I can see on the surface. Chicago's Chris A Freeman knows how to capture personality and I found myself really liking Brussie the second I saw my first image, even before Chris sent on even one word about the model or the shoot. 20 year old Brussie has an incredible body for sure. Lean, beautiful legs and back and of course that butt!

There is something more than just the physical that Chris captured with Brussie that draws your attention. Brussie's face is transcendent, incredible smile with those amazing brown eyes. Some models command, just through stance and look that viewers see beyond just the physical.Chris connected with Brussie through Model Mayhem and his description of Brussie confirms so much of what he captured within the images.

'He's a young artist, brimming with creativity. He writes poetry and hip hop music and is pursuing a career in music as well as modeling. Brussie is one of the most cheerful people I've met and totally eager to work on facial expressions. You can see that he has an unusually expressive face. During my photo shoot with him, he dramatically increased the breadth of emotion and though conveyed through his face.'

'This shoot was on the north side of Chicago in a quintessential apartment above a restaurant. He was completely comfortable appearing on the back porch with near nothing or nothing covering himself. Fortunately, the neighbors didn't seem to mind, either. He loves nakedness, but isn't keen on photographs with frontal nudity, so I tried to respect that. Perhaps someday he'll decided to put it all out there. He certainly has nothing to be "concerned" about.'

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