Monday, November 3, 2014


While the concept of conjoined twins — two independent people permanently joined as one — is intriguing for many reasons, few aspects spur as much curiosity as how two such people live romantic, sexual lives.
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Chang & Eng Bunker

When it was announced that conjoined twins Chang & Eng Bunker, best known as The Siamese Twins, were planning to come to France in 1831, French authorities were so afraid of the effect the men, then 20, would have on France’s women that they banned their entrance into the country.

This post began simply with the third and last image. Fun and fascinating image isn't it. I was just going to ask for captions, but few reply to those types of posts. The more I stared at the image, (and it does keep you looking) the more they looked like conjoined twins. They're not of course and maybe I am just watching a bit too much Freak Show. It had me thinking about the sex lives of conjoined twins (don't judge).

I am sure Ryan Murphy is thinking about as well as I am sure there is going to be a sex scene featuring Bette & Dot. The Broadway show SideShow explored the theme with their conjoined twins Daisy and Violet and it didn't end all that happily.

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