Monday, November 3, 2014

Kudos to Chris Rock

Yes I know the sketches sucked and Rock was not on his game but count me in as someone who thought his opening monologue rocked! His slam at Christmas commercialism was hilarious, and sadly spot on. His Terrorism jokes took aim just where they should, at us. There is of course nothing funny about terrorism but the American media literally salivates at being able to report and re-play every detail over and over and over again.

The Boston stations cheered on the marathon attacks as if they were spectators at a Gladiators match in a Roman Colosseum. They re-played the bombing thousands of times over the subsequent days interviewing everyone, and anyone they could stick a mike at. The Boston television stations did not report news, they became apart of it, panting around the city looking for any grizzly detail they could report on and threw it on air without verifying truth or validity. As much as my heart goes out to those who suffered, the press to me was as disgusting as the bombers themselves with their need to shock and draw attention. Kudos Mr. Rock.

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Anonymous said...

I watched his monologue. I wasn't offended by anything he said. I just didn't think it was funny. Chris Rock is one of my favorite comedians but he didn't make me laugh at all on SNL. Watching it just made me miss MadTV.