Sunday, November 16, 2014

Suntown Photography: FurSkin

'I think is it a real shame that guys who are naturally hairy, or have hairy legs, feel they have to cover up so as not to get disparaging remarks such as being told they look like a Gorilla or Wooky. I would rather see body hair to tattoos or body piercing any day.'

Above: Jack

It is always refreshing immersing myself into the work of Suntown Photography. The UK based photographer always seems to find some of the hottest, and fantastically furried men to shoot. Early this Autumn, I headed into the Woodlands for a fun 'story' piece featuring some of my favorite shots outside on location in fields and forests. (Within The Woodlands)

It is a little chillier now, another good reason to keep one's natural body hair where nature intended it to be! I wanted to share some of my favorite images I could not fit in the first piece, but with the cooler weather, also wanted to head inside with some additional images from Suntown.

Many of the models shown here are also featured in Suntown's new book Young Otters 2. The original Young Otters was one of the artists most successful ventures with his images hitting a chord with many lovers of the male form in it's natural state. Young Otters 2 celebrates the hairy chests, hairy legs and hairy everywhere else... that so many of us love! You can preview a portion of the book and feel your own way through the fur HERE:

Be sure to also check out Suntown's collection of Calendars featuring some of my favorite of Suntown's models, some with their own calendar's and many in Suntown's 2015 collection of some of his best shots!

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