Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Vintage Vantage

When I first began FH, one of my goals was to feature talented and beautiful men not just from today, but from the past. Problem was, I was like a lot of people who thought the past only included the years I was alive. I had a desire to showcase actors and models who impacted me as I was growing up and had an influence on who I have become. Most of the men I featured were big when I was growing up, especially as I entered my teen years in the 80's. I had a wall up though to anything older than I was, movies, television shows and men. That really hit home to me after Elizabeth Taylor died. As much as I felt I knew who she was, it had me realizing I had never actually seen any of her movies. I have since rectified that wall, diving head first, especially into old movies thanks to many suggestions of others and adding TCM to my cable package. Last year, I began labelling some some of blog posts A vintage Vantage. I have yet to go back and label everything that fits, but for me it includes anything that happened prior to my entering the world in the 70's.

I have both hot and cold feelinsg when spending time with 'vintage' images of the male form. Sometimes they make me sad, even bored depending on the image and artist. Other times, I am turned on, and addictively fascinated by what I find. Yesterday was one of those days. I after my profile of Nizar M and the vintage themes from Wim de Roo, I went on the hunt for similar imagery. Sometimes an image, like the image directly above lingers in my mind. I was intrigued about the model, when it was shot and the circumstances around it. The hair and jeans make me think 60's or 70's but I can't be sure. Was he posing for magazine, or was it for a portfolio. There is still a bit of a stigma with posing nude today, so I am always curious as to the motivation of someone who did so decades ago.

The model has one of those faces, you all know what I mean. Cute, but intense, even a little bit pointy. We all knew a few guys in high school with similar features. His expression doesn't necessarily scream he wants to be there dropping his pants for the camera, but maybe that is the look the photographer was going for. That face stuck with me for awhile yesterday, and all research came up empty. I am guessing it was from a pictorial in a 70's magazine, but if anyone has any other info, please let me know.


Kene said...

This looks like Troy Ramsey from the 80s porn era... Even if I have the name wrong, he was definitely an 80s porn performer.

TyeBriggs said...

Thanks, I will do a little research!


Steve said...

I'm pretty sure that's Randy Page, an 80's gay porn model.