Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spencer Neville: Out Of Uniform

'In the break, Derrick was fired from the hotel. And after my first 20 episodes, there was a lot of Googling and the fans saw some shirtless pictures and they’re like ‘we want more Derrick shirtless’ so I think the writers listened because my first scene back I’m shirtless by the lake and I think every other scene, too. Not every one but every other one. But it’s summertime so…'

2 images below: Spencer by Rick Day

During model and actor's Spencer Neville's first stint on Days Of Our Lives he had but one outfit, his character Derrick's bell hop uniform. (see my first post HERE:) As adorable as Spencer looked in his uniform, fans clamoured for a chance to see him out of that uniform. Spencer returned to the NBC soap this week, hopefully stirring more trouble for Sonny & Will and baseball star Paul Norita played by Christopher Sean. If I could wave a magic wand, Neville would have been cast as Will, instead of the insufferable Guy Wilson, but hopefully Derrick's return will add an interesting twist to the stagnant marriage and storyline.

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