Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Favorite 5: C Thomas Howell

Although I did see E.T of course, my lust for actor C. Thomas Howell came more through his appearances in teen magazines than movies and televisions shows I actually watched when I was a kid. I have since seen The Outsiders and many of Howell's flicks, The Hitcher being one of my favorites. You could get lost in Howell's dreamy eyes, and that face and those lips even overcame the unfortunate mullet phase.

Howell is still active in the film industry and has a slew of projects due for release over the next couple of years. He is also quite active on Twitter, and looks mighty fine in a fairly recent image (above) he posted on his Twitter page.

Battling With The Stars

This one is a bit of cheat, but in this Outsiders pic, Howell looks adorably uncomfortable with Matt Dillon in his tighty whities.

I used to order these Japanese movie magazines on E-Bay.  They were full of images never released in American.  Sadly they became too expensive with some now going up to fifty bucks a pop.

Come on now....

Although calling 1985 'vintage' is a bit of stretch, this image of C Thomas Howell from Secret Admirer,  has me wanting to find the 1985 flick.

And then there's this... but not sure screen caps count.

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