Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jack Pierson: Tomorrow’s Man 3

'I think there's some idea that power is maintained by concealment. I always think the naked person is the most powerful in any situation.'

I fell in love with Jack Pierson's previous Tomorrow's Man compilations, (the second, still available on Amazon) so was beyond thrilled to see the third volume introduced at The New York Book fair this past September. Tomorrow's Man 3, is edited and designed by Jack Pierson and Roger Bywater features four artists on four different covers blends design, story and art with the beauty of the male form.

Described as a scrapbook study of masculinity, the third edition features not only Jack's imagery, but the work of Peter Fend, Richard Tinker and Veralyn Behenna. One of the covers also features one of my favorite models, and one of the hottest models working today, Adam Gumula. Adam has a powerful surface sexuality and has become known for working with artists and with project that are not only artistic, but boundary pushing and thought provoking. Read a bit more about Pierson's new book at the link below:

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