Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Under Those Glasses: Captivating Correspondents

With the election dominating television new these days, I have been tuning into CNN more than normal. In addition to the on air hosts, there are many correspondents, contributors and pundits who weave in an out of the political discussions. Although I could watch, and listen, to Donna Brazile all day, there is a trio of spectacle wearing hotties who always have me stop what I'm doing to turn in.

Political Contributor Ryan Lizza

Ryan Lizza, Jeff Zeleny and Van Jones all have that intelligent/sexy combo, mixed with just a wee bit of nerd that makes them incredibly attractive to me. Each also display's a keen, but subtle sense of humour, much needed, especially when sharing air time with some of the Trump and Carson supporters. I repect and enjoy listening to Jeffrey Lord, but some of the people CNN brings in to talk Trump, like Scottie Nell Hughes, are nothing less than terrifying. Lizza, Zeleny and Jones keep in all handsomely balanced.

Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny

Political Commentator Van Jones

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