Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rhys Ryker: Visual Differentials

'The Best things in Life make you Sweat. I lift for the love of it. Plus love the looks when I take my shirt off at the club.'

The results of all that lifting, is a perfectly sculpted physique. His body is incredible for sure, but when I first saw his images, it was those eyes that had me wanting to learn more about model Rhys Ryker. If you look at the image at the top of this piece, you'll notice the beautiful eyes staring back at you are a light green. If you gaze into the eyes of a bearded Rhys in the image above, you'll be greeted by his baby blues.

The 26 year California model says that when he looks in the mirror, it's green he usually see's looking back. Rhys friends however, tell me they definitely go between blue and green, sometimes changing by the combination of his mood, how much he's exercising or what he's wearing. Another thing notably different in some of Rhy's shots is his beard. I love the contrast, and depending on the beard, Rhys' look, and the vibe from his images, is completely different.

'After six years in the Marines, I was done with the clean cut. I loved that I didn't have to shave every day because of some regulation. One day not shaving became a week which became a month which became a wild man in the woods beard.'

In & Out of Uniform

It was back in his clean shaven days, when he was in the Marine Corps that Rhys began modeling. The father of a friend of his in the Corps was a photographer and took his first professional shots. The decision to shoot nudes wasn't a big deal, with all the time and energy he put into getting a body he liked, Rhys enjoyed showing off the results of all his hard work.

Remaining shots from Jude Cooper

Although for the right photographer or modeling gig, nudity isn't an issue, Rhys has gotten a bit more careful with shooting more adult, mature themes since he's become a father. But... that doesn't mean the hot dad still doesn't love flaunting it for the camera when the opportunity arises with a talented photographer.

'I've been told my personality is warm, playful and persuasive – it's my triple threat that oozes sex appeal. I've traveled the world and love adventure and exotic, beautiful women.'


Unknown said...

looking good, rhys!

Unknown said...

Thanks Trevor for the great write up! A pleasure working with you.

alexnorth60 said...

a beautiful man. indeed from old European aristocratic stock it seems.