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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 24th

Colton by Alan Rust
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Room With A View

Imports: Jannik Schümann

I'm a little late the Jannik Schümann party, but I'm doing my best to catch up!  I only recently saw the 2016 drama, Die Mitte der Welt (Center of My World), and I'm not sure how I could have missed it the first time.  Thankfully, I read a review last month that had me finding a copy and quickly watching and being absorbed into the story and the performances. 

If you haven't seen it, I suggest you checking it out.  The film introduces us to Phil, (Louis Hofmann) who spends most of his summer, escaping from his family, by hanging out with his best friend Kat.  When summer ends, and Phil heads back to school, he begins questioning his feelings for one of his new classmates, the stunning Nicholas.

Nicholas is played by German actor Jannik Schümann and he and Phil have a hot introduction.  The scene is one many of us have played out in our fantasy's.  We see a hot guy changing in the locker room, but instead of being angry or shy, he turns and ensures we get a complete, and satisfying good look.

Schümann isn't new to acting, he's been working professionally for over 20 years.  He's also not new to nude scenes, there are many on his resume. As a kid, Schümann took an interest in the arts, especially dance and music.  It was actually the young actor's piano skills that helped get him get one of his first roles when he was just 9 years old.  The role was that of young Mozart in the German premiere of the Little Mozart musical at the Neuer Flora theater in Hamburg.

It was just a couple of years later, when Schümann was 11 that he got his first professional role on the German medial series Die Rettungsflieger. (The Air Rescue Team) Other roles on television and films quickly followed.

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Music Hath Charms that Soothes the Savage Beast

'FOUND: One missing link - and all the terror that goes with it
Here comes Trog. You'll laugh at yourself for being so scared...but don't laugh at Trog'

As a film buff, for years I heard, and read about Trog.  The 1970 British science fiction film was actress Joan Crawford's last, and arguably worst feature film.  Last year, I added it's airing on TCM to my PVR, but only got around to watching it last week.  I'd heard so much about the film, and about Crawford on set, I wasn't sure how it would stand-up to all that I'd read.

Crawford plays Dr. Brockton an anthropologist who uses drugs and surgery to try to communicate with a primitive troglodyte who is found living in a local cave.  The movie is silly and really bad, but also really enjoyable, especially if you've eaten an edible before pressing play.  One of the interesting parts, knowing  that Crawford was drunk during much of the shoot, was trying to spot moments when she was sober.

'I did it because of Joan Crawford, and poor Joan by this time was a very sad old lady. We had to have idiot cards all over the place because she couldn't remember her lines. It was the last thing she ever did and she shouldn’t have done it. Neither should I..'
Herman Cohen, Producer


The films opens however, with a trio of hot archeologists, heading down into a deep dark cave.  For some reason, two of them decide it's a good idea to dive into the dark water in the cave and take a look around.  The three actors were played by Geoffrey Case, John Hamill and David Griffin.

Keeping Up Appearances 

I love British sit-coms, maybe in part because my mother used to watch them on PBS when I was a kid.  One of her favorites was Keeping Up Appearances.   I didn't recognize him at the time, but David Griffins played Emmett on on the sit-com, spending most of his time trying to avoid running into Hyacinth Bucket.  Griffin is still alive and well, and one of the only members of the sit-com still with us.


The hottest of trio was played by John Hamill.  I had previously posted about Hamill after seeing him in another British film that I discovered on TCM.  The film was 1972's Tower of Evil, and that flick also included a nude scene that I previously featured on the site back in 2014. (HERE:)

It's impossible not to notice Hamill with his beautiful face and buffed body.  The actor was a former physique model who appeared in many British beefcake publications in the 1970's.   Hamill was a staple in British sex comedies in the 70's, especially those written and directed by David Grant. 

If like me, you've heard about Trog, but haven't watched, pop an edible, or pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the show.  Griffin appears throughout the film, but Hamill only appears in the first 20 minutes or so.  I lost interest a bit as it went on, but it was a kind of fun ride for awhile. 


Achromatic: Colton by Alan Rust

'You don’t think I will get naked but I will....'

One of the essential elements of fashion is color.  No matter the style and texture, if the color isn't right, it's not going to sell.  There's a reason achromatic colors like black and white are so popular, and form the basic components of many our closets. Women have their little black dresses, and men have their white singlets and t-shirts.  I'm not sure there's anything sexier than a hot guy in a white t-shirt and jeans.

If you've followed my previous features spotlighting the work of photographer Alan Rust, you know his focus is on both fashion and the male form.  When I was first saw this series featuring Alan's work with Colton, I knew it was a hot summer white party.  White goes with everything, and it certainly goes with the incredibly hot Colton.  White shirts, white bed sheets, and a hot white jockstrap.

'Colton is one of those 1 in a 1,000 guys that are a natural model. I had been trying to work with him for a couple years and locations plus timing never worked out until recently. We had met for dinner in Iowa about a year before we finally worked together. He is a very nice guy and flirty for a straight guy. He knows he is gorgeous.'

Alan and Colton's shoot in Omaha lasted almost the entire day.  Although the plan was to capture an array of themes, from fashion and men's style, to fitness and sexy shots, nudity was never directly discussed before the shoot.  At one point during the shoot, Colton threw out the quote that I used at the top of the post. 'You don’t think I will get naked but I will.'

Alan was a bit surprised.  Not only had they not discussed it, but Colton seemed excited to push his boundaries and take some risks.  Colton was even up for jettisoning his jeans, even when they were shooting on location outside.  Although Alan was certainly on board, they ended up deciding it might be better to first head back inside to the studio.

'Colton did take some very sexy pics. He can definitely turn on his sexuality for the camera. I think his photo shoot is one of the best I have ever done. It’s easy when you have a confident model who has the personality to make the pictures amazing.'

As much as color was a theme in this series, other elements of fashion, and the male form also stand out. Colton is undoubtedly hot, with his classically handsome face and incredible body. With or without clothing however, my favorite images of the male form always involve images with a focus on lines and curves.  I love the lines and curves of Colton's beautiful body that Alan captured.  From the lines of his perfectly chiseled face to the comely curves of his back and behind.