Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Also celebrating today July 22nd

Also celebrating today July 22nd

Dutch football hunk Dirk Kuyt turns 28 today.

Singer Rufus Wainwright turns 35 today.

Footballer Barrie McDermott turns 36 today.

Shawn Michaels turns 43 today.

Actor Rob Estes turns 45 today.


Anonymous said...

I so agree!! I fell for him a thousand years ago in "Silk Stalkings." It's so frustrating when men who have every right to take off their shirts don't. I have searched the Net for years and can't find much other than the one you posted. Even in the pre-digital days when I worked for the media I couldn't get one of him from any outlet.
Thanks for the great work you do here.
a fan

Tye said...

Thanks for your comments. Your right, I searched everywhere I could for some new shots, but there is very little! Shame. I thought he was great in Silk Stalkings, and also loved him briefly on Gilmore Girls. Too bad the spin off did not fly he was going to be in.