Thursday, August 28, 2008

Also celebrating today August 28th

Also celebrating today:

I loved Carly Pope on Popular, but dispite her beauty she always sounded like she had a cold. Carly turns 28 today.

French Beauty Gianni Giardinelli turns 30 today.

How hot is Italian actor Davide Ricci, pretty damn hot! Davide turns 31 today.

Voice actor, stand-up comedian actor, the adorable Kirby Morrow turns 35 today.

Skater Tood Eldridge turns 37 today.

Jack Black turns 39 today.

Who knew BIlly Boyd could look so hot! Billy turns 40 today.

I hope Shania Twain, who turns 43 today, has a better year than her last.

Got to love Jennifer Coolidge who turns 45 today.

The beautiful Emma Samms turns 48 today.

Skater Scott Hamilton turns 50 today.

David Soul (Who has a nude scene I am trying to track down with a clear pic) turns 65today.

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